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To take words from books, art from frames, in 1987, Francis Pelletier gives birth to a pretty little publishing house under blue skies and baptizes her Cloud Shovellers Inc.  She has been growing ever since!



Feeling good through beauty

Cloud Shovellers Inc.
has as its mission, “To make one feel good through beauty”, by sharing its love-at-first-sight artistry and by developing products that appeal to the mind and touch the heart….shiver, smile, reflect. Making art accessible to all, combining art with the present tense, exploring “Man's unlimits” and weaving a thread of color on an often-grey canvas, Cloud Shovellers brightens our daily lives.

Wizard of soft words, toucher of souls

Francis Pelletier is the founder (PDG) and artistic director of this pretty little publishing house. Doctor, part-time, cloud shoveller, during overcast times. Doctor by day, word wizard by night…he goes straight to the heart. Photographer, poet, storyteller, and editor, he makes sense out of beauty and simplicity. He treats words with skill and light with subtlety. Cloud Shovellers offers bouquets of Pose & Prose: literary posters, giant bookmarks, timeless calendars, cards with choices of interiors, clothes that talk, books, CDs, entertainment, etc.

Man's Unlimits

To create this spectacular collection, we are proposing to some inspired photographers to immortalize the heavenly and nude bodies of the most brilliant artists of the Cirque du Soleil and elsewhere…to blast them into orbit - an irresistible attraction - as a tribute to the human being and its unknown powers.

Artists: Vis Versa, Jinny Jacinto, Genevieve Bessette and Samuel Tetreault

Photographers: Michel Pilon and Louis Ducharme

Products: Original photographs, unlimited editions, posters and cards

Are you ready to dream ?

Cloud Shovellers, recipient of over 15 international awards (Gutemberg, Applied Art, Communication Art, Lux), offers you an exceptional line of diverse cultural products… the splendid “unlimited editions” of Alain Cardinal, Alejandro Boim, Fred Tellier, and other talented artists. Promesses d’ivresse on paper, CD and stage. A thrilling experience with La Grande Traversée (The Great Crossing). A collection of Coeurs à louer (Hearts for Rent). One-line short stories…on two pages. Words as gifts.

Let's save the French language

A veritable ambassador for Moliere’s language worldwide, Cloud Shovellers is worried. Strongly threatened by an invading Uncle Sam, improper educational reforms, a new grammar out of context and nonchalant expenses, the French language is in real danger in Quebec and about 50 countries where it is spoken and written… still.

With Christiane Asselin, Cloud Shovellers has produced Les fameuses recettes de grammaire that is simple, efficient, tested, accessible … mouth-watering… and addresses as much the gourmets as those who simply taste. With Louis Caron, writer, storyteller and President of L’Academie des Lettres du Quebec, the Shovellers has launched the movement “Sauvons le francais” (Let’s Save the French Language) and has recorded the song, Parlez-moi francais (Speak French to Me).


Welcome to the Cloud Shovellers’ universe.  Discover an enchanted site, visit a virtual museum (in evolution) of images and words, full of discoveries and surprises, open 24hrs/24, free entry and admission.

Fall in love with your favourites and screen-shop in your slippers.

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